“We put the O-C-D in the C-U-P.”

- Dean Lucas

Coffee. Tea. Food.

“Dude, why do you like coffee? It’s just dirty bean water” -Travis, Chef Instructor at Sur La Table

There was a time when a cup of coffee was expected to taste like burnt, bitter, brown water. No thought was put into the brewing of coffee. No acknowledgment of the region where the beans were grown, or to the farmers that raised the crop. A bean was a bean and cup of Joe was pretty much like jet fuel.

At The A.M. Craft, we approach the art of brewing coffee as a pursuit of perfection. Every drink is made by hand starting with the highest quality coffee beans. Our coffee is sourced from single origins around the world and freshly roasted. The water is purified and kept at exact temperature for the ideal extraction of flavors from the coffee. Everything is weighed and timed using digital instruments. We realize that this level of attention to detail is just not normal, but we can’t help ourselves. “We put the O-C-D in the C-U-P and let the coffee do its thing.” -Dean Lucas

Our obsession extends well beyond our coffee. We also make our syrups by hand each day, including our mocha, made from 100% cocoa rouge. We use local organic dairy products. We serve in glass and ceramic whenever possible. And when disposable containers are required, we use eco-friendly products. We are committed to social impact and sustainability.

Our Current Coffee Lineup

Each of these tried and true roasters have been thoroughly tested by our team of coffee experts. Follow the links below to learn more about their coffee and methodology.

Ask our team for their thoughts when you visit the shop near SJSU!

Current Menu

New seasonal items for Spring 2024!

  • Honey Lavender Latte

  • Honey Lemon Green/ Black Tea

New Pastry!

  • Blueberry Lemon Muffin


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