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Our Mission

We believe in brewing fantastic tasting coffee and teas, approached from a culinary perspective, paired with a consistent hope to cultivate kinship with our surrounding communities. The coffees we use are sourced from all over the world with a rotating lists of our favorite roasters from California, the United States, and the international community. Our primary purpose (aside from serving you amazing coffee, teas, and food) is to provide a safe community space for people to come in, sit down, and connect with one another.

Coffee Roasters on Tap

3 roasters. 3 locations. Our shop celebrates three of our favorites at a time - one from California, one from the other 49 states. and one from international communities. Follow the link below to learn more!

The Monthly Update

The August Update:

  • Mon/ Wed/Thur/Fri/ Sat/ Sun: 7AM - 4PM

  • Roasters on bar:

    • Theory Coffee Roasters - Redding, CA

    • Greater Goods Coffee Co. - Austin, TX

    • Kurasu Kyoto - Kyoto, Japan

  • Coffee Tastings -

Commit to the Craft

Attention to detail is key not only important to brewing coffee and tea and baking pastries, it’s an important step to improving the quality of your life.

With our Zen-like attitude, we cultivate increasingly detailed brewing and baking recipes and friendly relationships with our community.


Leave us your email below and we will hook you up with ever-developing updates of our store!

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